Tuesday, January 20, 2009

all hail the chief!

what an amazing day! I cannot believe that after all that this country has been through, that we have arrived at the day when we would have a black president. i remember talking to my grandfather, who passed away about a month ago at 96 years old, and telling him all about PRESIDENT OBAMA. "you mean to tell me, there is a colored man running for president?" he asked, and then he rubbed his ears just to make sure that he heard me correctly. here, a man who lived through the segregation, the tulsa riots and was a trailblazer in his own right in so many ways, was able to see the face of a black man who today assumed the highest position in our country and is sure to impact the entire world. 
you might be wondering why i choose this particular picture of PRESIDENT OBAMA to post. it is because it is a snapshot of just an ordinary man who has know idea of what the future holds for him. he is just in the moment, living his life, doing the best he can, not knowing how his life is being divinely orchestrated for something so much bigger than his mind could ever conceive. that gives me hope. hope that as lofty as some of my dreams may seem and as far short as i fall from time to time, what GOD has for me is for me and nobody can do anything about it...and that is a beautiful thing.

Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Bay-bay!

in honor of the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  i will officially announce my top 10 personal dreams for 2009. Here we go.

1. i hope to create 7 short films
2. my album GODCHILD will come out and be fabulous
3. i will do a mini-triathalon (the reference to "mini" is up to my discretion!lol)
4. i will use the mixer my mother-in-law got me to make fabulous butterflake rolls
5. i will get my sewing machine out of storage and make at least 1 thing
6. i will visit new york
7. i will take an international trip (i am sooooo overdue)
8. i will invent something
9. i will learn conversational arabic or tongan
10. i will love, live and laugh as much as is humanly possible

Thanks to Dr. King for helping to make it possible for little brown girls, like me, to feel like anything is possible!