Thursday, March 12, 2009


today's post is all about presence. you know, that enigmatic "it" quality that silently commands respect and attention. some say you are born with it, but i think that it can be acquired. in my opinion, the only difference between the haves and the have nots, is self-confidence. when you are confident, you don't have to try so hard. you are just fabulous. most of us have glimpses of this power, but never seem to harness it. you know, you get a new outfit, you just had a big accomplishment or something, and next thing you know, you are walking a little straighter with a touch of swagger in your step. perhaps, if we do little things to make ourselves feel fabulous, we can have this feeling all of the time. tell your self that you are beautiful. take yourself to dinner. get a pedicure. have some pictures taken of yourself. go to the MAC cosmetic counter and get a full makeover. whatever it takes, but i promise, if you take care of yourself, you will wake up one day and say to yourself...self, look at you and how far you have come. this week i got some lash extensions, and i must say, i am cute. the day i got them, i was like, i can't be stopped. folks were looking at me differently and interacting with me differently. not just because i was so cute, though i was, but because i felt good about myself, and ain't nothin sexier than that!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

World on Wheels

I missed a skate party last night and I am so sad that I did (Happy B-day Jessica). Now, I have the flattest feet on the planet, so I can only skate for about 7 minutes before I am in pain, but I remember those as being the best 7 minutes ever. There used to be this place that we used to go to as kids, called World on Wheels. It seemed like everyone wanted to have their birthday parties at that spot! We would sit on the side (because my 7 minutes was up) and pick out a cute guy and watch him go round and round, daring somebody to go bump into him. Those were the days. I think they shut World on Wheels down because folks were gettin shot (man, we can't have nothin') but the memories will live on! Good thing we still have that dude at Venice beach who rides around with his ghetto blaster and shiny suits, lookin like Bootsy Collins! Long live that dude as well for keeping the lost art alive (although I think he's on some kinda illegal substance)...oh well, details. bye for now