Tuesday, December 28, 2010

::: Aretha Franklin:::I Say A Little Prayer For You

my understanding is that Aretha isn't well and i just wanted to send out some love and prayers that she will feel better. i also wanted to take a moment to tell her thank you for the impact that she has made on the musical landscape. it is the hope of every artist that they are able to create meaningful and timeless works, and in Aretha's case, her legacy is undeniable. Viva Aretha!

:::Teena Marie::: RIP

Teena Marie will surely be missed. when i heard that she had passed, i felt as if a small bit of my childhood died with her. i remember singing her songs at the tops of my lungs. belting out lyrics that i had no business saying and surely had no idea what they meant. lol! i hope that she went peacefully and i am grateful for all of the music that she left behind. muah!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

:::where in the world is JOY JONES? :::

this voyage found us jumpin trains, rockin mics, sittin on stoops and meeting up with old and new friends. where am i?

new york, new york...but i'm sure you knew that already!

1.walking the streets 2. central park love 3. time square
4. sob show with manchild black and monsta black
5. east village radio show interview with dj jon oliver
6. nightlife

below is a fun radio interview clip of me and jon oliver
of east village radio rockin out to a loverly remix by daru jones.

:::where in the world is JOY JONES? :::

since i have been grounded for the better part of this year, i thought that i would reminisce on some of my past voyages with a new segment that i am calling, where in the world is JOY JONES. this journey found me hiking in rain forests at dawn and climbing mayan ruins of tikal.
where am i?

viva guatemala! ole!

1.mayan woman and children 2.mayan ladies shootin the breeze
3. beautiful church and cobblestone streets of Antigua 4. tikal at dawn
5. children selling vegetables at roadstop

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

:::Eartha Kitt:::Grrrrrrrr!

oh Eartha! what is there to say. i can't say that i completely know what is going on in this interview. i haven't gone to med school yet to study psych, but i have an slight suspicion that things are a bit amiss with my sweet Eartha in this clip. i love how she keeps repeating "compromise" as if it is a foreign word she has never heard before! oh the sweet drama! that aside, something tells me that I am going to be talking like this for the next week! enjoy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

:::Kerry Washinton:::Bam!

this new promo shoot for Kerry's new movie, Night Catches Us,
was recently printed in the LA Times. i have to say that these pics
look so new and fresh that they leave me inspired to create a new
personal look for next year. stay posted :)

:::Pam Grier::: POW!

Friday, December 3, 2010


is there some way that the stars can align, and my husband and i can get a canon 5D Mark II camera, with tons of lenses and 2 round the world plane tickets. Is that too much to ask from life? if that did happen, i would post stuff like this, expect there would be two smiling chocolate faces in all of the photos! lol! enjoy. via pretavoager

Thursday, December 2, 2010

:::reine de tout et rien:::

sometimes you have to make your own crown and jewels to rock.