Sunday, February 8, 2009

Undone by An Okra!

So, last night at 11:35 pm, while i was minding my own business in the produce aisle of my friendly neighborhood Ralph's market, I was attacked. Not by man. No, not even by beast, I was humbled by a mere okra. How can that be Joy? (you ask, feigning interest). Well, it happened like this. I was walking by the brown onions, thinking to my self "self, you should get some strawberries so that you can make gingered berre-aaaaaayyyy". That's when it happened. In a flash, the okra had planted itself under my left foot and took me down in one fell swoop. My first thought was "Ow! Tha hurts?" My second thought was " oh know, this fall has been immortalized in Ralph's store camera memory for ever. " I looked down and saw a green streak left behind of the kamikazi okra that gave its life to destroy me. My husband helped me up (and didn't laugh, which really impressed me because if i didn't hurt so much I would have laughed at myself).  To make matters worse, the manager brought me a motorized shopping cart to roll around in and complete my shopping. I could figure out the controls, I nearly ran into the fresh egg was a bad bad scene. Several hours later, after I left the emergency room for a wrist and ankle sprain, heavily sedated from ibuprofen and fatigue I thought to myself, if my life were a movie, it would be a comedy. Moments like this remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and to know that you will never be so great that you cannot be taken down, by an okra!


  1. Down for a little bit, but back up alive and kickin'


  2. beautifully said, beautifully shot and beautifully fallen... i hope. love the blog and welcome to blog land... i hate okra if that makes you feel any better!