Monday, April 20, 2009

Winter Music Conference!

Ok, I know I am hecka late, but I just need to say that WMC was the absolute best! First of all, it is funny how you have no idea of how badly you need a vacation, until you are on the beach in Miami and can't think of a single thing that you need to be doing at the moment! (gotta love it). But trust, this was still a working vacation, and the Future Soul Record/Love Jones Recordings family definitely put in work. We played at the Giant Step Sunset Soiree, along side Duplaix, Anjulie, Wayna, Rye Rye and K'Naan! It was nice to be in such good company. Then we went to the Raw Fusion party and did a PA with Daz-I-Kue (clearly the hardest working DJ on the planet). That was my favorite because it felt like an old school house party. It was hot and dark and loud. Folks were dancin and singing and just having a fabulous time.

I met some fab folk at WMC, including DJ Junior (it was my first time meeting him in person although we have talked often on the phone), Taylor McFerrin (solid folk), Cecilia Stalin (my new dance partner...look out Taylor, we are comin for ya), DJ Simbad, DJ Dhundee, OP!, Kissey Asplund, the Giant Step Crew, the BagPak Crew, DJ Stylus and the entire DC Crew, the ATL massive, the Detroit folks, Europe massive and too many people to name, but really solid folk.

As a side note, your girl won best dressed on WMC and had some of the hottest tracks/set of the event, according to Fusicology and other WMC blog sites. I am so glad that I went and I cannot wait to go back next year once the album has actually dropped!
Bring on the tours! I'm ready to see the world! Let the movement begin!

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