Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kehinde Wiley is Bonkers with the Art!

So I have been following Kehinde Wiley since my boy Ali Evans, from the Studio Museum in Harlem, put me up on him. Up until last week, I had only seen his work online and in books. I've always appreciated the portrayal of young black men represented as renaissance royalty. Something about it warmed my heart and really captured the beauty and strength of my folks. Then last week, my artsy fartsy friends and I swooped in on the Roberts & Tilton Gallery ( in Culver City, CA to see Kehinde's art, up close and personal. First of all, not only is it even more stunning in person, but the pieces are massive. Like mural size! I wasn't ready for the scale of the art, but it only added to the grandiosity that is Kehinde and his work. This particular exhibit was entitled The World State, and in this third installment which has also covered West Africa and China) he plays artist/anthropologist and takes us with his to Brazil. The colors are incredible and if I win the lottery I am buying on of those pieces, for sure! If you are in LA, please don't miss a chance to check out his work before the end of May. Did I mention that he is originally from LA, maybe that is why he is so dope! (smiles)

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