Sunday, November 11, 2012

here is my list of things i would like to see happen this year in my life:

1. excel in my 2nd year of medical school
2. do well on the Step 1 of my medical boards
3. become more involved in helping those who are disenfranchised
4. plant a  vegetable garden and a vertical
5. get a new chicken and 2 bunnies and a goat
6. finish my next album
7. reach my goal weight and build some muscle :)
8. go to new york
9. take a trip to a tropical island
10. teach my goddaughter zoe to sew, and connect with my other godchildren
11. buy a couch
12. get completely out of debt
13. begin to craft a career that will allow me to travel, heal, be artistic, help tons of people and essentially pay me for being myself
14. go to zanzibar via london or france
15. have some fabulous parties, and spread love

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